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FSTSRV Ad Serving System

FSTSRV is a top notch ad serving and tracking system, developed by top notch software engineers with years of experience working at Google and with Pikoya Advertising.
FSTSERV is capable of running thousands of campaigns with multiple partners, includes pixel support, unlimited reporting and more. The system is robust, scalable and secure.

Key Features Include
  • Campaign Management
    The ability to track the performance of each campaign in real time
  • Link Management
    An advanced system to manage the status of each link during its entire lifespan
  • Robust Reporting
    Real time reporting with advanced data break down by geo, date, hour, type, time zone, currency and more
  • Easy Integration
    The ability to integrate with any of the standard pixels (image, iframe, javascript, server 2 server)
  • User Accounts
    Specific access levels for users or groups of users
  • Internal Task Management
    An email system that enables keeping track of tasks within the system
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Facebook Page Manager

Facebook Page Manager easily manages content creation for a large number of Facebook pages from a single control panel. The tool allows a single user to easily manage a large number of Facebook community features.

Key Features Include
  • The ability to create text templates in different languages for content re-usability
  • The ability to create placeholders in templates for each page based on its language
  • Sophisticated content scheduling system
  • A fast and simple content uploading process
For more information on FSTSRV and Facebook Page Manager contact us at [email protected]
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